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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 111, Mi., 6. Juni, 15.00 Uhr

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20th Century and Contemporary Photography / Fotografie des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Kroehle, Charles and Georg Hübner and others
Landscapes and people of Upper Amazon Valley, Peru

Los 4061

[*] Landscapes and people of the Upper Amazon Valley, Peru. Circa 1890. 46 albumen prints. Each circa 14 x 21 cm (34) and 10 x 13,2 cm (12). Some signed by the photographer in lower left/right corner in the negative.

The two Germans Charles Kroehle and George Huebner are considered the pioneereing photographers of the Amazon in Peru. From 1888 - 1891 they travelled the Amazon, Ecuador and Bolivia. During those trips some of the first photographs were taken of Indios such as the Campa, Pirus, Shipicos, Cashibos and other ethnic groups of the Peruvian Montana. This comprehensive collection offers an extensive impression of the landscapes, housing and people of the area. – Some with slight fading in edges, some light handling marks, otherwise most in good to very good condition.

Lit.: Manuela Fischer/ Michael Kraus (eds.). Exploring the Archive: Historical Photography from Latin America. The Collection of the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin. Cologne 2015, see pp. 69-71.

€ 5.000   (US$ 5.900)

€ 7.500 (US$ 8.850)

Küss, Ferdinand
Still life with statuette, fruit and various ob...

Los 4062

[*] Still life with statuette, fruit and various objects. 1860s. Albumen print in oval. 30,5 x 24,7 cm. Flush-mounted to card, mounted to original board (soiling, foxing, crease in upper left corner) with photographer's blindstamp below image on the mount.

Born in Vienna, Ferdinand Küss was a successful painter known for his artfully composed still lifes. He later turned to photography and founded his first studio in Vienna in 1859. The still life offered here shows a strong painterly composition and most likely served as a model for a painting. – Some retouching, some light surface rubbing, otherwise a strong print in very good condition.

Lit.: Otto Hochreiter/Timm Starl (eds.) Geschichte der Fotografie in Österreich Band II. Bad Ischl 1983, see p. 145.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.416)

€ 1.600 (US$ 1.888)

Cedar trees in Lebanese mountains

Los 4063

Photographer: Felix Bonfils (1831 - 1885). Cedar trees in Lebanese mountains. Circa 1870. 2 albumen prints. Each circa 18 x 23 cm. Each mounted to card (edges time-stained and slight edge wear).

Some surface scuff marks, otherwise with strong contrasts and in very good condition.

€ 500   (US$ 590)

€ 300   (US$ 354)

Views of Lima

Los 4064

Photographer: Eugenio Courret (1841 - 1900?). Views of Lima and portraits of indigenous people and well-dressed women of Lima. Late 1870s/1880s. 86 vintage albumen prints. Various sizes: portraits between 9 x 5,5 cm and 14 x 10 cm; landscapes and views circa 19 x 25 cm. Mounted to gilt-edged album boards (some foxing, some soiling at beginning and end of album), bound in red moroccan album (edges slightly rubbed) with gilt-stamped title Recuerdos del Perú, ornaments and photographer's name E. Courret Fot. Lima on front cover and brass corner reinforcement in lower right corners.

This comprehensive album shows the early boomtown of Lima with its ornate facades, populated streets, as well as the harbor district with train station and piers, showing circa 40 ships in the harbor illustrating the city's role as the center of worldwide guano export for fertilizer and the production of gunpowder. In the second half of the 19th century Hamburg was one of the greatest transit points for the importation of guano. The photographer Eugenio Courret came to Lima from France in 1860. In 1863 he founded the "Photo Central" studio with his brother Aquiles and in 1887 he founded a studio with Adolphe Dubreuil. In the 1890s Courret returned to France. – Some prints with fading/spots, otherwise most in good condition and several with strong contrasts.

€ 3.000   (US$ 3.540)

€ 2.800   (US$ 3.304)

Lindahl, Axel
Panoramic view of Stockholm

Los 4065

Panoramic view of Stockholm. 1880. 4 albumen prints, mounted together as a panorama. Each circa 16,5 x 21 cm, entire size circa 16,5 x 84,5 cm. 1 print mounted to board (slightly soiled, some traces of use).

Some handling marks, otherwise in very good condition with strong contrasts. With: Budtz Müller & Co. Panoramic view of Copenhagen. Circa 1910. 4 gelatin silver prints mounted together as a panorama. Each circa 22,5 x 26 cm, entire size 22,5 x 105,5 cm. Title and photographer's name in the negative in lower margin. 1 print mounted to board. - Some wear in corners, otherwise in good condition.

€ 400   (US$ 472)

€ 300 (US$ 354)

Fürstenwall, Magdeburg

Los 4066

[*] Photographer unknown. Fürstenwall, Magdeburg. Circa 1860. Albumen print, oval. 14,5 x 18,5 cm. Mounted in original mat (time-stained in edges), with gilt ornamental border.

The photo shows the two tower tops of the Cathedral and in the far background the only building in this street still remaining today (former Oberpräsidium). – A few small spots in sky area, otherwise in good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 708)

€ 400   (US$ 472)

Martin, Joshia / New Zealand
Maori portraits

Los 4067

[*] Maori portraits. Mid 1870s. 6 albumen prints. Each circa 20 x 15 cm. Title, photographer's initials and number in lower edge in the neagtive, mounted to both sides of board (time-stained in edges), annotated in pencil below the image on the mount.

The portraits show Chief Tawhaio, Susan Rotorua, Rangiherekaha and a Maori woman with child, also inlcudes two images of Maori huts.      – Some fading in edges and a few light foxing spots, otherwise in good condition.

€ 1.500   (US$ 1.770)

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.416)

Views of Mentone and Savoy

Los 4068

Photographer: possibly William England. Views of Mentone and Savoy. 1860s. 30 albumen prints. Each circa 16 x 20,5 cm. Each mounted to gilt-edged album board, most with label with number and title in lower right on mount, bound in dark green leather album (edges rubbed, fading on back cover) with gilt-stamped title Picturesque Views on the Shores of the Mediterranean.

A beautifully preserved album with picturesque views of Mentone, Savoy and an early view of Monaco. – A few photos minimally faded, otherwise most in very good condition and with strong contrasts.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

€ 1.400 (US$ 1.652)

Micro Photography
Micro photographs of cross sections of plant parts

Los 4069

Photographer unknown. Micro photographs of cross sections of plant parts. Circa 1890s. 8 vintage mostly albumen prints. Each 11,5 x 11,5 cm and larger. Each mounted to board (soiled), annotated in German ink below the image on the mount.

Some light surface scuff marks, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 400   (US$ 472)

€ 300 (US$ 354)

View of St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

Los 4070

Photographer: Joseph Daziaro (1831 - 1892). View of St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow. 1880s. Hand-colored, large-format albumen print. 45,5 x 36,5 cm. Mounted to card (some spots, time-stained in edges, traces of use).

Some buckling from mounting, otherwise in good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 708)

€ 400   (US$ 472)

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