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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 111, Mi., 6. Juni, 15.00 Uhr

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Alle Kapitel 19th Century Photography / Fotografie des 19. Jahrhunderts
20th Century and Contemporary Photography / Fotografie des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Views of Egypt and Syria

Los 4041

Photographer: Guillaume Berggren (1835 - 1920), Pascal Sebah (1823 - 1886) and Félix Bonfils (1831 - 1885). Views of Egypt and Syria. 1880s/90s. 14 albumen prints. Each circa 28 x 21 cm. Each with photographer's name and/or title in the negative in lower edge, mounted to board (warped).

Shows people and temples of Cairo and landscapes of Egypt and Syria. – Minimal scuff marks, some faded in edges, otherwise in good to very good condition.

€ 300   (US$ 354)

€ 200 (US$ 236)

Erotic Photography
Album of German erotic images

Los 4042

[*] Photographer unknown. Album of erotic images (German). 1860s - 1900. 25 albumen cartes-de-viste prints. Mounted to card, inserted in cdv window mats, bound gilt-edged leather album with bone ornaments and clasp (latch missing, edges and raised areas rubbed).

Some surface scuffing to photos, some slightly faded, some with spots, otherwise in good to very good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

€ 1.100 (US$ 1.298)

Erotic Photography
Various erotic images

Los 4043

Photographer unknown. Group of erotic images (probably French). 1890s. 5 collodion paper prints. (1 stereo view) Various sizes circa 15 x 10 cm, some smaller.

Some surface rubbing, some handlig creases, one photo buckled.

Lit.: Michael Köhler/Gisela Barche (eds.) Das Aktfoto - Ästhetik, Geschichte, Ideologie. München. 1985, ill.pp. 240 - 251.          

€ 300   (US$ 354)

€ 200 (US$ 236)

Fenton, Roger
Ismail Pacha & Attendants; Captain Pechell & Me...

Los 4044

"Ismail Pacha & Attendants" (April 27, 1855); "Captain Pechell & Men of the 77th Regiment, Winter Dress" 1855/published 1856. 2 salt prints from wet collodion glass negatives. 17 x 16 cm and 16,9 x 16,2 cm. Each mounted to original album page (foxing, soiling in edges, some light traces of use), title and publisher's letterpress below the image on the mount.

The second image shows Captain William Cecil George Pechell (standing, third from right) and men of the 77th Regiment in their winter dress in the Ukraine, during the Crimean War, circa 1855. Pechell fell at Sebastopol on September 3rd 1855, having received honorary mention in the despatches only a few days before. These images are from one of the original sets of photographs by Roger Fenton of the Crimean War which were published by Thomas Agnew & Sons on a weekly basis from November 1855 - April 1856. – In good condition.

€ 1.500   (US$ 1.770)

€ 1.000 (US$ 1.180)

Ferrez, Marc
Views of Rio de Janeiro

Los 4045

Views of Rio de Janeiro. 1880s. 18 albumen prints. Various sizes, most circa 16 x 22 cm. Each signed by the photographer and titled in French in the negative, mounted to board (time-stained in edges), annotated in German in ink on the mount.

These rare and early images show picturesque views of street life in Rio, the docks and Arsenal in the harbor, a panorama of the city with the bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. – Most in very good condition with strong contrasts.

Lit.: Marc Ferrez. Rio. IMS 2015.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

€ 2.200 (US$ 2.596)

Views of Frankfurt/Main and surroundings

Los 4046

[*] Photographers: Francis Frith (3), Carl Hertel (8), and unknown (4). Views of Frankfurt/Main and surroundings. 1870s - 1890s. 15 albumen prints. Various sizes between 16 x 27 cm and 20 x 26 cm. Most mounted to board (some soiled).

This group includes various views of old Frankfurt as well as Königstein/Ts., Schloß Friedrichshof, Kronberg, Schloß Falkenstein, Homburg vor dem Wingertsberg, Kronberg von der Haardt. – Some scuff marks, some with handling marks, otherwise in good to very good condition with strong contrasts.

€ 600   (US$ 708)

€ 400   (US$ 472)

(Verfügbarkeit erfragen!)
Views of Germany

Los 4047

Photographer: A. Ballerstaedt, C. Eckenrath and unknown. Views of Germany. 1860s - 1890s. 31 albumen prints. Various sizes, most circa 33 x 25 cm. Mounted to board/card (slightly soiled, some foxing).

The views show Prenzlau, Cologne cathedral, Schwerin, Danzig, Rothenburg, Tangermünde, Stuttgart etc. – Some faded, most in good conditon.

€ 500   (US$ 590)

€ 350 (US$ 413)

Views of Montjois (Monschau)

Los 4048

Photographer unknown. Views of Montjois (Monschau). 1890s. 10 albumen prints. Circa 17 x 12. Mounted to board (slightly soiled, some foxing).

Some with light foxing spots, otherwise in good conditon.

€ 300   (US$ 354)

€ 200 (US$ 236)

Gloeden, Wilhelm von
Portrait of a boy dressed as a girl

Los 4049

Portrait of a boy dressed as a girl. Circa 1900. Albumen print. 22,5 x 17 cm. Photographer's stamp and number 849 in blue crayon on the verso.

A few light foxing spots in head cloth and shoulder, a few small retouched spots in right hair area, some light handling marks, otherwise a rich dark print in very good condition.

Lit.: Wilhelm von Gloeden, Wilhelm von Plüschow, Vincenzo Galdi. Italienische Jünglings-Photographien um 1900, Berlin 1991, ill. p. 10.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.416)

€ 800 (US$ 944)

Gsell, Emile and Unknown

Los 4050

Portraits of high-ranking figures, priests, chiefs, musicians, actors, street sellers and others. 1860s/1870s. 24 cartes-de-visite albumen prints. Each circa 9 x 6 cm. Each mounted to board.

The French photographer Emile Gsell worked in Southeast Asia and was the first photographer to be based in Saigon. He participated in at least three expeditions and his images of Angkor Wat are some of the earliest of that site. He also took many portraits of the people of Indochina. – A few with light surface scuff marks, some faded, one with tear, otherwise strong tonal prints in very good to near excellent condition.

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.360)

€ 1.500 (US$ 1.770)

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