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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 112, Mi., 5. Dez., 15.00 Uhr

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Alle Kapitel 19th Century Photography / Fotografie des 19. Jahrhunderts
20th Century and Contemporary Photography / Fotografie des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Disderi, André Adolphe-Eugène
Studio portraits of Mme du Bouzay

Los 4041

[^] Studio portraits of Madame du Bouzay. Circa 1860. Albumen print, comprising 8 images in carte-de-visite size (uncut) on one sheet. 20 x 23 cm. Number 34631 in the negative in mid portion; annotated in pencil on the verso.

An attractive portrait series showing the sitter in various poses. – Slight fading in upper and left edge, small paper loss in lower right corner, some light creases, small emulsion loss in upper right corner, otherwise in good condition.

€ 750   (US$ 854)

€ 700 (US$ 797)

Erotic Photography
Album of German erotic images

Los 4042

[*] Photographer unknown. Album of erotic images (German). 1880s/90s. 23 albumen cartes-de-viste prints. Some mounted to card, inserted in cdv window mats (some foxing), bound in burgundy gilt-edged leather album (some rubbed spots) with 2 brasss clasps and edge reinforcements.

This album contains a mix of more creatively arranged nudes with the use of jewelry, backdrops and other objects, as well as more conventional nudes. – Some surface scuffing to photos, some slightly faded, some crease marks, otherwise in good to very good condition.

€ 750   (US$ 854)

€ 1.000 (US$ 1.140)

Feltscher, Carlos
Views of Buenos Aires

Los 4043

[*] Views of Buenos Aires. Circa 1875. 8 albumen prints. Each circa 24 x 36 cm. Mounted to original board (slightly soiled, some foxing, some tears), photographer's Calle Victoria 95, Buenos-Ayres studio stamp, as well as annotated in ink in Spanish and German below the image on the mount.

Interesting views of notable sites of Buenos Aires such as the Banco de la Provincia, Monumento General Manuel Belgrano, Taylor's Customs House, the water tower on Plaza Lorea, la Bolsa, Recova Vieja on Plaza Mayor, Teatro de la Alegria, and the Alsace beer brewery Emile Bieckert. – Some faded, a few with small tears, most with light foxing spots, some with oxidation mirroring in edges, otherwise in good condition.

€ 1.500   (US$ 1.709)

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.367)

Fenton, Roger
Firing for the Queen's prize

Los 4044

"Firing for the Queen's prize. A good beginning, two centres" (No. 63). 1860. Albumen print. 12,5 x 28 cm. Mounted to original board (some repaired tears in edges), title and no. in pencil below the image as well as letterpress with photographer's name below the image on the mount, with mat.

Born in Lancashire, Fenton initially trained as a lawyer and then as an artist before taking up photography in 1852. Over the next ten years, he undertook several extensive journeys with his camera and he was instrumental in founding the Photographic Society of London in 1853. Fenton worked in a variety of genres, producing portraits, still life, architecture, landscape and documentary photographs.
Fenton first met Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in January 1854 at an exhibition of the Photographic Society. Shortly afterwards he was asked to go to Buckingham Palace to photograph the royal family. Several commissions followed in 1854 and 1856, including a journey to Balmoral to photograph the royal children and the newly rebuilt castle.
Fenton had a highly successful career as a photographer, which included photographing the Crimean War in 1855. However, he retired from photography completely in 1862 and returned to his first profession of law. The image offered here was taken on the occasion of the inaugural meeting of the National Rifle Association in Wimbledon 2 July, 1860. There are not many extant prints of this event, especially a total view as in this print which is rare. – Some light crease marks, small surface scrape in mid portion, otherwise in very good condition.

Provenance: Robert Lebeck Collection

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.280)

€ 1.500 (US$ 1.709)

Franco-Prussian War
Images of the Franco-Prussian War

Los 4045

Images of the Franco-Prussian War. 1870. 30 albumen prints. Various sizes, most 24 x 30 cm and smaller. Mounted to board (some traces of use, edges time-stained), most annotated in ink/pencil and some with printed caption labels below the images on the mounts.

This comprehensive collection of photographs shows a large number of destroyed cities, buildings and bridges in north and east France. The locations include Charlesville Mezierz, Sedan Fort, Bazeilles, Straßbourg, St. Clou, Neuilly, Auteuil, Mendon, Chatou, Bourgival, Bois de Brimborion and Rueil. – Some scuff marks and light surface soiling, otherwise in good condition.

€ 750   (US$ 854)

€ 500   (US$ 570)

German Military Portrait
Portrait of a high-ranking military office of a...

Los 4046

Photographer unknown. Portrait of a high-ranking military officer of a small German state. Circa 1850. Salt print, finely colored and highlighted. 22,4 x 17,5 cm. Mounted to board, cut in octagonal shape and with oval frame trim line.

Some surface spots, faded, otherwise in good condition.

€ 200   (US$ 227)

€ 140 (US$ 159)

Gloeden, Wilhelm von
Male nudes and portrait

Los 4047

Male nudes and portrait. Circa 1900. 4 albumen prints. Each circa 16,5 x 11,2 cm. Mounted 2 prints to one board.

Some surface scuff marks, one faded, otherwise fine prints in very good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.026)

€ 600 (US$ 683)

Gloeden, Wilhelm von
Two nude youths; Young nude boy with vase; Recl...

Los 4048

Two nude youths; Reclining male nude; Young nude boy with vase. 1890s - 1900. 3 albumen prints. Between circa 16,5 x 23 cm and 22,5 x 17 cm. 2 with photographer's copyright/date stamp and each with number339, 800, 307 in pencil on the verso.

Two with minimal fading in edges, otherwise fine prints in very good condition.

Lit.: Wilhelm von Gloeden, Wilhelm von Plüschow, Vincenzo Galdi. Italienische Jünglings-Photographien um 1900, Berlin 1991, ill. p. 23.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.367)

€ 2.800 (US$ 3.191)

Gloeden, Wilhelm von
Portrait of a young boy

Los 4049

[*] Portrait of a young boy. Circa 1900. Large-format matte gelatin silver print. Circa 39 x 29 cm. Signed and dated Taormina am 2/4 1913 by the photographer in ink upper left. In original contemporary ornamental wood frame (small piece missing/repaired).

Slightly faded, a few retouched spots, otherwise in very good condition.

Lit.: Ulrich Pohlmann. Wilhelm von Gloeden - Sehnsucht nach Arkadien. Berlin 1987, compare ill. p. 41 (same model).

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.280)

€ 1.300 (US$ 1.481)

Heid, Dr. Hermann
Portrait of a young woman

Los 4050

Portrait of young woman. Circa 1885. Albumen print. 26 x 18,7 cm. Photographer's name and number in the negative in lower edge, mounted to board (slightly soiled), Kupferstecherschule der k.k. Akademie d. bild. Künste in Wien. Inv. Nr. 130 stamp on mount verso.

Along with Carl Haack, Rudolf Carl Huber and Otto Schmidt, Dr. Hermann Heid produced various images such as architectural studies and genre scenes for artists. As the stamp on the verso of the mount indicates, this exceptional portrait was used by students of the engraving school of the Academy of Arts in Vienna. – Some light surface scuff marks, otherwise in good condition.

Lit.: Ulrich Pohlmann/Johann Georg Prinz von Hohenzollern (eds.) Eine neue Kunst? Eine andere Natur! Fotografie und Malerei im 19. Jahrhundert. Munich 2004, ill. p. 64 (variant).
Verein zur Erarbeitung der Geschichte der Fotografie in Österreich (ed.). Geschichte der Fotografie in Österreich. Bad Ischl 1983, ill. p. 107 (same model).

€ 600   (US$ 683)

€ 400   (US$ 455)

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