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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 111, Mi., 6. Juni, 15.00 Uhr

» Gesamter Katalog (Lose 4001 - 4380)

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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Africa / Nigeria
Documentation album of the economic activities ...

Los 4001

[*] Photographer unknown. Documentation album of the economic activities of British and German tradesmen in Lagos and surroundings. 1877 - 1882. Circa 84 albumen prints. Various sizes, most circa 16 x 22 cm and some 9 x 5,4 cm. Mounted to gilt-edged album leaves (strongly warped and solied), bound in contemporary brown full leather album (rubbed, scuffed and tear along spine).

An early documentation album of the British and German trade posts in Lagos, Abeokuta and surroundings. One group portrait shows agents and clerks of the British W & B Cie. (Witt & Brisch and another shows "Germans in Lagos. 1877". The early branch of the Lüderitz tobacco company in Lagos, probably with Adolf Lüderitz himself on the balcony can also be seen. One of the most interesting images shows a large group portrait of a Yoruba Chief and his 11 wives entitled "Waseoweh Padonou and his wives. From Porto Novo. Interpreter for W. & B.". Also includes an early view of Abeokuta (settlement), most likely this chieftan's seat. Two larger images show two ships at the new wharf in Lagos. The album also contains images of important buildings in early Lagos such as various Christian churches, the small Lagos court hall and the Government House of Gov. Knapp-Barow. At the end of the album there is a series of early carte-de-visite portraits of African types in Lagos. – A few prints faded, some with fold marks, many with strong contrasts and in good to very good condition.

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.360)

Ahrendts, Leopold
Unter den Linden with Kronprinzenpalais and Cas...

Los 4002

View from Unter den Linden to Kronprinzenpalais and dome of the Castle chapel, Berlin. Before 1856. Salt print with rounded corners. 16 x 21,8 cm. Mounted to original board (traces of previous mounting and number in red crayon on the verso) with photographer's stamp below the image on the mount.

When he took this photograph Leopold Ahrendts was standing next to the Neue Wache and the Bülow statue which figures prominently in the left side of the image. At the center of the image is the impressive dome of the Castle (built 1845 - 1853) and to the right is the Kronprinzenpalais still before its reconstruction in 1856-57. – A few light foxing spots in sky areas, otherwise a strong, tonal print in excellent condition.

€ 1.800   (US$ 2.124)

Ahrendts, Leopold
Equestrian statue of the Great Kurfürst

Los 4003

Equestrian statue of the Great Kurfürst. 1860s. 2 albumen prints with rounded corners. 23 x 17,4 cm and 21,3 x 15,4 xm. 1 with photographer's stamp in lower left corner. Each mounted to board (slightly soiled).

The images show the original location of the statue on the Kurfürsten Bridge in Berlin. In the background one can see the Spree waterfront of the Royal stables (alter Marstall).This and other parts of the large building complex were replaced by the new Marstall built in 1900. – One faded, both with slight surface rubbing.

€ 500   (US$ 590)

Ahrendts, Leopold
Berlin Castle/Schlüterhof

Los 4004

Berlin Castle/Schlüterhof. Late 1850s. Albumen print with rounded corners. 21,8 x 17,8 cm. Mounted to board, annotated in ink and pencil on mount verso.

This image shows the avant-corps (Risalit) with columns and figurative ornaments of the Schlüterhof of the Berlin Castle. Behind it was the famous Giant stairway (Gigantentreppe), also designed by Andreas Schlüter. Ahrendts chose a diagonal perspective to enhance the plasticity of the building structure. – A few light foxing spots in sky area, a few retouched spots in lower edge, otherwise a strong print in good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

Albert, Joseph
King Ludwig II and his fiancée Sophie Charlotte

Los 4005

[*] Official engagement photo of King Ludwig II and Princess Sophie Charlotte. 1867. Albumen print. Each circa 17,8 x 14 cm. Mounted to board (soiled), photographer's blindstamp below image on the mount.

Faded and some soiliing. With: Queen Marie of Bavaria with her sons, Ludwig and Otto at the dinner table in their country house in Elbigenalp. Albumen print. 6,5 x 9,9 cm. Mounted to board (traces of use).

€ 300   (US$ 354)

Albert, Joseph
II. Kraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen-Ausstellung Mun...

Los 4006

[*] II. Kraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen-Ausstellung München (II. Power and Work Machinery Exhibition Munich). 1898. 21 albumen prints. Each circa 17 x 23 cm. Each mounted to board (time-stained in edges, some with foxing spots), photographer's name, title above/below image on the mount, in original illustrated blue canvas portfolio.

Some faded in edges, some scuff marks, otherwise in good condition.

€ 300   (US$ 354)

Anschütz, Ottomar

Los 4007

[*] Horses. 1884. 3 albumen prints. Each circa 14,7 x 19,2 cm and 9,5 x 14 cm (2). 2 with photographer's name, date and location in the negative lower right; each with photographer's stamp on the verso.

In very good condition and with strong contrasts.

€ 600   (US$ 708)

Anschütz, Ottomar
Deer and stags

Los 4008

[*] Deer and stags. 1887. 3 albumen prints. Each circa 14,5 x 19,7 cm. Each with photographer's name, date and location in the negative lower right; each with photographer's stamp on the verso.

One slightly faded, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 708)

Arnoux, Hippolyte
Arabian types and genre scenes

Los 4009

Arabian types and genre scenes. 1880s/90s. 5 albumen prints. Each circa 27 x 20,5 cm. Most with photographer's name, number and title in the negatives in lower edges. Mounted to board, framed under glass in wood frames.

Some prints slightly faded, otherwise strong prints with good contrasts and in very good condition.

€ 300   (US$ 354)

Baer, Karl Ernst von
Types principaux des differents race humaines

Los 4010

[*] "Types principaux des differentes races humaines, dans les cinq parties du monde" (Principal types of different human races in the five parts of the world). 7 albumen prints. Each circa 24 x 16,7 cm. Each mounted to board (soiled, time-stained in edges) with printed title and text (archive stamp in lower portion), in original black embossed boards with gilt-pressed title (edge wear, corners bumped, slightly dusty) with St. Petersburg, German St. Petersbourg Times, 1862.

Interesting photographs of sculpted wax heads representing the various races of the five continents: Oceania, America, Europe, Asia and Africa. – Some photos with scuff marks, otherwise in good condition and several with strong contrasts.

€ 1.000   (US$ 1.180)

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